General Packing Tips

  • Limit your boxes and cartons to a maximum of 50 pounds.

  • Wrap items carefully.

  • Use crushed newsprint or bubble wrap for cushioning.

  • Use quality boxes that can be securely taped shut.

  • Pack similar weight items together.

  • Label all boxes with your description of contents.


Garage or Storage Shed

  • Drain power tools of oil and gas.

  • Use old towels to wrap sharp-edged tools.

  • For grills, dispose of charcoal and, if applicable, disconnect propane tank. Propane tanks cannot be transported in the moving truck.



  • Keep hardware for disassembled items in small, plastic bags.

  • Dispose of all perishables.

  • Wrap china and glasses separately in clean paper. Use a large amount of paper padding between items in boxes.

  • Pack heavier items such as pots and pans in the bottom of boxes.

  • For large appliances such as refrigerators, clean thoroughly and disconnect all hoses. If necessary, have licensed technicians disconnect the appliance (in the case of gas ranges).



  • We can provide wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes. If wardrobe boxes are not used, fold and pack clothing in suitcases or boxes lined with clean paper.

  • Use a large, clean plastic bags for packing linens in boxes. Linens and bedding can also be used as cushioning for boxes.

  • Mattresses should be packed in mattress cartons.

  • Pillows make good padding for other items.

  • Mirrors should be packed in special cartons.

  • Consider having your area rugs cleaned before moving. You’ll receive them rolled in a form easy for transport.


Living Room

  • Pack books of the same size together in a box. Do not overload boxes.

  • Lamp shades are particularly fragile. Pack with clean paper and place in a box at least two inches large than shade diameter. Label the box “Lamp Shades – Fragile – Top Load Only.”

  • We will shrink wrap large items such as sofas. Talk to us beforehand about leather items.

  • Couch pillows can be packed in large boxes.

  • For large items such as pianos or pool tables, a qualified professional should assist you with moving preparations.



Experienced foremen will direct our highly trained, efficient, and courteous crews as they implement your move plan.

State-of-the-art moving vans and trailers are equipped with air ride, ramps, and lift gates to expedite the moving process.

We are fully insured! Ask for our certificate of insurance.